How to Choose Accessories for a Dressy Pink Dress

Updated March 23, 2017

With the right accessories, women of all ages can wear a dressy pink gown or cocktail dress. Choose a shade of pink that complements your age and skin tone, and accessories that flatter and accentuate your personality and the hue of the dress. Your accessories should also reflect the kind of function you are attending, as accessories are the final touches that can determine whether a look is formal, festive or casual.

Choose what kind of look you desire, whether flashy or conservative.

Pick black, white, beige or khaki shoes, as these colours go well with pink. Pink shoes may be worn, but should not clash with the shade of the dress. Choose a standard pump for a more conservative vibe, pointy-toed stiletto's for a sexy look or sparkly gold or silver shoes for a ritzier effect.

Wear stockings that complement your natural skin tone or choose black or cream-coloured stockings to add bold elegance to your look. Avoid pink stockings.

Bring a small handbag just large enough to hold your essential items. Select a white, beige or cream handbag if you wear pink shoes; otherwise match the colour of your handbag to the colour of your shoes.

Choose belts and scarfs that suit the style of the dress. Accentuate sleeveless dresses with a scarf or shrug. Lacy shrugs add a touch of class and maturity to your appearance. Patterned belts and scarfs should not overpower the rest of the ensemble. Add a black belt to an A-line dress for a strong conservative look.

Decide on your hairstyle before choosing hats and hair accessories. Place real or silk flowers in your hair for a delicate romantic look, or jewelled hair combs or hair pins for an air of refinement. Add beaded hair sticks to a bun.

Opt for jewellery that matches your dress and personality. Long, dangling gold or silver earrings can be showy and glamorous, while pearls and gemstones are more sophisticated. Do not over-accessorise with jewellery if the dress itself is already ornate.

Lay your dress on a flat surface, such as your bed, surrounded by all your accessories to decide whether or not you like the overall look.


Snip off a tiny bit of fabric from an inseam of the dress to take with you while shopping for accessories, as pink can be a difficult colour to match. Limit shiny and sparkly accessories, as most pink dresses are already bold and vibrant. Avoid pastel-coloured accessories, as they may appear immature.

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