How to remove points from a driving license

Updated March 23, 2017

Points are added to a driving license for illegal actions that result in a ticket. These points are a negative mark on the driving license and can raise insurance costs. Anyone receiving a ticket for speeding, passing a stopped school bus, running a red light or otherwise violating a traffic law will have points added to their license. The amount of points will vary depending on the offence; too many points can lead to increased costs and diminished driving privileges.

Enrol in a defensive driver course. Some states will remove points from a driving license if the driver takes such a course. Taking a defensive driving course usually prevents cancellation of insurance and a rise in premiums.

Enrol in a point-and-insurance reduction course. This course is designed to help drivers lower insurance costs and can remove up to four points from a driver's license.

Plead not guilty and request a court trial. Taking this route sends the claim to a traffic court, where a violation must be proven. If extenuating circumstances are involved, such as a speeding ticket where the speed limits change or passing a school bus that does not have a stop sign out, the case might not have enough evidence to prove the claim. The court will remove points if the defendant is found "Not Guilty" of the charges.

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