How to Record Music on a Casio Keyboard

Written by si kingston | 13/05/2017
How to Record Music on a Casio Keyboard
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Casio is among the most popular keyboard manufacturers and has produced hundreds of different keyboard models over the past several decades. Many Casio keyboards come with a "Record" button to allow users to record themselves as they play music on the keyboard. During a performance, the keyboard recorder will act like a tape recorder, or sequencer, and save the performance to the specified track in the keyboard's song memory drive. However, the song memory has a limited capacity. For example, the Casio Privia PX 300 will allow you to record up to 5,200 keyboard notes.

Power on the keyboard.

Select the track you want to record to by selecting the corresponding button. Each Casio model has a different number of tracks. For example, you can press the "Track 1" button to record to track one, or the "Track 2" button to record to track two. The track buttons are normally located on the bottom, right of the digital options panel above the keyboard keys.

Press the "Recorder" button three times to start the recording. The first press of the button puts the recording feature in "Playback Standby," the second press of the button will cause the button to flash and puts the keyboard in "Record Standby" mode, and the third press of the button actually gets the recorder ready to record. The recorder button is typically located near the "Power" button above the keys.

Press the "Start/Stop" button to start recording. This button is usually near the "Record" button above the keys. Now you can play the intended tune.

Press the "Start/Stop" button to end recording.

Press the "Recorder" button once to enter playback mode and listen to the recording. Then press the "Start/Stop" button to end playback.

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