How to Print Black-and-White Photos on an Epson

Written by robert kingsley | 13/05/2017
How to Print Black-and-White Photos on an Epson
Printing in black and white can save your ink while looking artistic. (Black and White image by photo4emotion from

Printing an image in black and white can be a good idea for a few reasons. Coloured ink can be extremely expensive, especially in higher end printers. Printing in black and white can help conserve your ink if colour is not needed. Black-and-white prints may be desirable because they make an image appear older and more artistic. You could always open your image in a photo editing application and convert it to black and white before printing, or if you own an Epson printer, you can select black and white right through the print settings.

Browse to the location of the photo you wish to print using Windows Explorer.

Double-click the image file to open it in your default photo viewing application. Typically it will be the Windows Photo Viewer, but any application that allows printing will work.

Click "File" and select "Print" to open the Print dialogue box.

Pick your Epson printer from the drop-down box provided.

Click "Preferences" next to your printer name to open the printer driver options.

Click the Advanced tab and click "Grayscale" under the print options.

Click "OK" and click "Print." Your image will now be printed in black and white without having to edit the image itself.

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