How to reply to an employment rejection letter

Updated March 23, 2017

When you apply for jobs and positions, it is possible that you may receive a letter of rejection for the position in question. If you do not send a positive response back or if you leave the rejection letter unanswered, you may burn your bridges with the company. To reply positively to an employment rejection letter will not only impress the employer, but can also lead to you being considered for future positions within the company.

Start the letter by stating that you are saddened to hear about the rejection, but that you would like to thank the organisation for considering you as a potential candidate for the job and for their time.

Write that you understand the reasons for the rejection and that you will work to fulfil the requirements that you lack. For example, if you were rejected because you need more customer service experience, write that you will focus on getting more relevant work experience.

Mention that you are impressed with the company's application and reply process and that you will apply for other positions at later dates.

Edit the letter so it has an optimistic tone and a positive outlook on working with them in the future. Being optimistic shows the company that you have a strong attitude and that one failure will not push you off track.

Write that you are still interested in working for the company and that you would like to be considered for other positions in the future.

End the letter by thanking the company once again and sign the letter with your name and contact information.

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