How to repair an unreadable DVD file structure

Updated April 17, 2017

DVD discs are storage media that allow large files to be stored. DVD discs are usually used for movies and other large data files to be stored, although other files have been known to be stored on these discs as well. There are times when the DVD file structure becomes unreadable because of bad sectors on the DVD as well as corrupt system disc files. With the use of DVD repairing software, you can fix your damaged DVD file structure successfully.

Navigate to Soft Pedia (see Resources) and click on "Download" to save Bad CD/DVD Recovery to your computer.

Install Bad CD/DVD Recovery to your computer and open the program.

Select the drive that contains your unreadable DVD by clicking the corresponding box. Choose which files you would like to be recovered.

Click "Recover File" and your DVD file structure will be repaired. Once they have been recovered, choose which DVD files you would like to be saved. Select an output directory and click "Save." Your unreadable DVD file structure is now repaired.

Navigate to 3D2F (see Resources) and click "Free Download Max Data Recovery 1.7" to save Max Data Recovery to your computer.

Install Max Data Recovery to your computer and open the program.

Choose the drive that contains your unreadable DVD and click it. Select the files you would like repaired and click "Next."

Select "File" and choose where you would like your exported files to be saved. Choose "Repair" and your unreadable DVD will be repaired and saved to your computer.

Navigate to Video Help (see Resources) and click "Download (direct link)" to save Fix VTS to your computer.

Create a folder for the program to use. Place the folder on the root of the C:/ drive. Name the folder "VTS". Open the program.

Insert your unreadable DVD into your CD/DVD drive. Right-click the disc once you have found it in Fix VTS and right-click the icon. Select "Open."

Click the file within the DVD usually labelled "Video_TS." There may also sometimes be a folder labelled "Audio_TS," in which case you should select this folder also.

Drag the folder or folders to the "VTS" folder created on the C:/ drive.

Open "Fix VTS" and put a check mark by the boxes "Remove unref and blank cells" and "Fix wrong PGC LBA pointers" by clicking the corresponding boxes once.

Click "Open" and browse for your "VTS" folder where the DVD files are contained. Select the file "VIDEO_TS.VOB." Once you have chosen the correct file, the text labelled "Cleanup!" and "Full DVD" will be active.

Select "Full DVD" and Fix VTS will repair your unreadable DVD. When the program is done, a message saying "Done... End of Full DVD process" will be displayed. There will be a newly created output folder named "VTS" in your "VTS" folder. Open the folder to access your repaired DVD file.


As of October 2010, Bad CD/DVD Recovery is free to try and £23 to buy. As of October 2010, Max Data Recovery is shareware, meaning there is a £16.20 fee after the trial period to continue use. As of October 2010, Fix VTS is freeware.

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