How to Disable Vaio Media Plus

Updated July 20, 2017

The Sony Vaio is a line of high-end laptop computers that come equipped with software called Vaio Media plus. This application allows your laptop to connect to many devices in Sony product lines, including the PlayStation 3, Sony Bravia television and the PlayStation Portable. The application takes up some system resources, such as computing power and memory space. Removing the application or disabling it can be accomplished easily.

Click on the Windows start menu and then click on the control panel. Click on the "System and Security" header and then click on the "Administrative Tools" tab at the bottom of the system and security menu.

Double-click on the services shortcut found in the administrative tools folder. Locate the following application instances within the service menu:

VAIO Entertainment Database Service

VAIO Entertainment File Import Service

VAIO Media Plus Content Importer

VAIO Media Plus Device Searcher

VAIO Media Plus Digital Media Server

Right-click on the instance and then click "Properties." Locate the start type field, which is found on the "General" tab. Click the listbox and then click "Disable" to turn off the service from starting up. Restart the computer once you've disabled all the Vaio Media Plus services.

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