How to Create a Checkbox in an Email

Updated April 17, 2017

In order to add a check box to an e-mail, you will need to create a form and send it as HTML mail. This requires some coding. Be sure your e-mail provider supports HTML e-mail before proceeding.

Open your HTML editor, such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Alternatively, you can create your document in newer versions of Microsoft Word but be sure to save it as an HTML file (the option is available under "Save As").

Create your HTML document. Begin with your HTML tags: . The remainder of your content will be typed between these two tags. Next, add a title and text to your e-mail using header, title and body tags. You document should look like this:

Insert title here

Insert the body of e-mail here

Create your form. Begin by typing your form tags under the body of your e-mail:

. The remainder of your form elements must be typed between these two tags. Next, use the following code to create a check box: Insert the text that will appear beside the checkbox here . The "name" and "value" of the check box will not be visible in your e-mail. The at the end of the tag creates a break, or a space, before the next item is added. Thus, if your form has two check boxes, one for male and one for female, your form will look like this:

I am a male

I am a female

Again, all that will be visible is the two check boxes and the text beside them, "I am a male" and "I am a female". You can add as many check boxes as you like.

Double-check your document before saving. It should look like this:

Insert title here

Insert the body of e-mail here .

I am a male

I am a female


To send your HTML e-mail using Outlook Express, click "Create Mail," "Insert" and then "Text From File." Locate your HTML document and click it. You can now send your e-mail.

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