How to Troubleshoot a Tag Heuer Watch

Updated November 21, 2016

The TAG Heuer company manufactures high-end watches for men and women in dress and sports styles, including several styles endorsed by popular athletes and celebrities, such as Tiger Woods and Leo DiCaprio, according to the company's website. TAG Heuer watches are available at many department and jewellery stores, and are available in chronograph and analogue styles. While most TAG Heuer watches are relatively simple to set and operate, problems may occasionally arise, requiring troubleshooting in order to resolve them.

Ensure the crown is screwed in correctly if the watch seems slow. You can do this by pushing it in to the side of the watch and turning it in a clockwise motion until snug. Always screw in the crown before exposing the watch to water. If the crown is unscrewed and the watch comes into contact with water, the water resistance of the watch may be compromised.

Replace the battery if the timekeeping slows or stops altogether. Open the case back, remove the old battery and put in a new battery. You can buy replace batteries at most drugstores or watch repair stores. Close the case back and reset the watch.

Wait a few hours if condensation suddenly appears under the watch crystal. This is caused by sudden temperature changes and should resolve itself. If the condensation does not go away, contact an authorised TAG Heuer retailer for assistance.

Wipe down the strap of the TAG Heuer watch with a clean, soft, damp cloth if marks or stains appear on the band. Note that leather straps may darken naturally over time.

Contact an authorised TAG Heuer retailer or watch repair store if the above steps do not help resolve the problem.

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