How to Reinstall OAL 9.1

Updated March 23, 2017

America Online (AOL) is an e-mail and Internet service provider that can be accessed through an Internet browser or desktop software suite. By installing the desktop software, AOL users can access their sent and received e-mails offline. To properly reinstall AOL, the previous installation must be fully removed.

Open the "Start" menu, and go to the "Control Panel." Select "Add or Remove Programs."

Find and click on the AOL software you would like to uninstall. Click "Remove" when prompted.

Click "Next," and select "Finish."

Restart the computer.

Visit the first link in Resources to download AOL 9.1. Click "Save" when prompted.

Go to your desktop or the location of your downloads, and double-click the AOL installation icon. Click "Run."

Read the AOL terms of service, and click "I Agree" to accept and continue.

Choose the type of installation you prefer ("Express" is recommended), and click "Next."

Select "New Members" or "Current Members." Click "Next," and wait for the installation process to finish; this can take a few minutes.

Enter your login or new member information when prompted.


AOL 9.1 is not the most recent version of the software; to download the most recent version of AOL, see Resources.

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