How to Sync the PLT 500 Bluetooth

Written by michelle varsallona | 13/05/2017

The Plantronics Voyager PLT 510 Bluetooth can be synced with any cell phone. The headset is lightweight and uses one-touch calling to quickly make and receive phone calls. Once you sync the Blueooth, your phone will forever remember it. Bluetooth just needs to be enabled between both of them to use the headset after the pairing.

Set the headset into pairing mode by pressing and holding the "Call" and "Volume" up buttons at the same time. It is in pairing mode when the lights on the headset start flashing red and blue.

Set your phone into discovery mode by opening the Bluetooth options and choosing to "Add" or "Search" for a new device.

Choose "PLT 510" from the list of devices that appears.

Enter the headset's passkey, "0000," to finish syncing the headset to the phone. The PLT 510 will flash blue if the pairing is successful.

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