How to Remove the Battery Cover From a Flip MinoHD

The Flip MinoHD is a lightweight high-definition video recorder. Slightly larger than a cellphone, the Flip MiniHD offers two models to choose from: a model with a 4-gigabyte hard drive and one-hour battery life, or model with an 8GB hard drive and two-hour battery life. The battery in the Flip MinoHD is rechargeable; however, after many recharges, the battery life will begin to shorten. You must disassemble the camera to access the internal battery for replacement.

Peel the label off of the bottom of the MinoHD using the plastic cellphone opening tool.

Remove the two micro screws from the bottom of the MinoHD using a micro screwdriver.

Insert the plastic cellphone opening tool between the plastic and aluminium shell near the bottom corner of the camera, with the edge pointed away from the plastic cover toward the aluminium. Run the plastic tool around the cellphone until the bottom, left and right sides are separated. Do not attempt to separate the top.

Push the plastic front panel up toward the top of the camera to release the tabs holding it in place.

Pull the plastic front panel away from the body of the camera, and then pull the ribbon connector connected to the panel off of the logic board.

Lift the top-left corner of the display out of its support bracket using the plastic cellphone opening tool.

Pry the brackets below the display off of the logic board using the plastic cellphone opening tool.

Flip up the retaining flap securing the display data cable to the logic board using your fingernail. Remove the display data cable, and then remove the display.

Remove the four screws on the corners of the logic board.

De-solder the microphone leads from the logic board using a soldering iron. The microphone leads are red wires located on the top left and top right of the logic board. Grasp each wire with a pair of tweezers and gently pull it away from the connection as you heat the solder. Be sure not to leave the soldering iron on the connection too long.

Pull the logic board gently out of the case. Use the tweezers to pull the USB ribbon cable connected to the back of the logic board out of its socket.

Remove the two screws securing the battery cover. Use the plastic cellphone opening tool to pry the battery cover off of the battery compartment, exposing the battery.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic cellphone opening tool
  • Micro screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Tweezers
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