How to Program a Polaroid Remote

Written by andrew smith | 13/05/2017
How to Program a Polaroid Remote
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A Polaroid universal remote can be synced with four different types of electronic devices at one time. This remote lets you perform actions such as changing the channels on a television set and turning on a DVD player without having to switch between multiple remotes. Unlike many universal remotes on the market, the Polaroid remote does not have a "Code Search" key. You must manually enter the programming mode on the Polaroid remote in order to sync it with different devices.

Turn the device/component on.

Point the Polaroid remote at the device.

Press the button on the Polaroid remote for the powered-up device (For example "TV" key).

Hold down the "Set" button at the top of the Polaroid remote until the light on the remote blinks three times. Then, release the "Set" button.

Press the "9" button on the number pad twice. Then, press the "1" button. The light on the remote blinks twice.

Press the "0" button if programming the remote to work with a cable/satellite box, the "1" button for a TV, the "2" button for a DVD player or the "3" button for a VCR/audio device.

Press the "Power" button on the Polaroid remote. Then, press "CH+" on the remote once every two to three seconds until the device turns off. Then, stop pressing "CH+."

Press and hold down the "Set" key again until the light's remote blinks twice. The code is saved in the Polaroid remote.

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