How to Clean an OKI Data C5150 Drum

Updated February 21, 2017

OKI Data C5150 printers are colour laser printers that use cyan, magenta, yellow and black toner. Over time, the drum that transfers the toner as text and images to print media can become dirty from dust, excess toner and paper particles. Grainy printouts, void spots or horizontal white lines running through the document indicate that the drum needs cleaning. Doing so will restore the machine's print quality.

Press "+" on your OKI Data C5150 series printer control panel to access the Main menu.

Scroll down to "SYS ADJUST MENU" on the LCD screen by pressing the "+" or "-" keys. Push the "Enter" key to access the menu.

Highlight "DRUM CLEANING" on the SYS ADJUST MENU and press "Enter." Highlight "ON" and then press "Enter" to turn on the drum-cleaning function. If done correctly, "ON" should flash and an asterisk (*) should appear next to it.

Push "On Line" to exit all of the menus and place the printer in Standby mode.

Load the printer's paper tray with plain, white paper.

Send a one-page print job to the printer. The drum-cleaning cycle should turn on and send one blank page through the printer before completing the one-page print job. Dispose of the blank page.

Go back to the SYS ADJUST MENU and turn off the DRUM CLEANING setting by following the same steps you used to turn it on, only highlighting "OFF" instead of "ON." Press "ENTER" and then press "On Line."


Always turn off the drum-cleaning setting after you've cleaned the drum, as the cycle reduces the life of the drum.

Things You'll Need

  • Plain white paper
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