How to Remove the Front Seats on a Chevrolet Silverado

Updated February 21, 2017

In most recent models of the Chevy Silverado, the front seat is made of three individual seats fastened to the floor. If you need to remove the front seats from the truck, you must remove each seat individually. You also must remove the two seats on the sides before you can remove the centre one. The exact type of seats can vary on older models (mainly made prior to 2007), and thus the removal process can vary.

Pry off the rectangular covers on the trim for the base and lower rear corner of the driver's seat on the side near the door. This reveals the fasteners for the seat base and the seat belts.

Unscrew the fastener for the seat belt using a large Torx wrench and detach the belt from the seat.

Remove the fasteners for the front end of the driver seat using your Torx wrench. This includes the one fastener behind the trim cover you removed and an uncovered screw on the other side.

Pull the seat forward so you can access the seat fasteners at the rear end and remove them, then unplug the seat's electrical connector.

Lift the seat and carry it out of the truck.

Repeat the previous steps for the passenger seat.

Remove the fasteners for the centre seat and disconnect its electrical connector on the side, and then lift and remove the seat.

Things You'll Need

  • Torx wrench
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