How to Center an Email Page in Microsoft Publisher

Written by ryan menezes | 13/05/2017

Microsoft Office Publisher offers templates for various documents. Its e-mail templates cover newsletters, referrals and cell phone e-mails. They vary in colour, size and layout. And no matter what template you choose, Publisher lets you customise its content, including formatting its text. To centre an e-mail's text, you must centre the text itself and centre the text box that contains it.

Single-click a paragraph in a template's text box. Publisher automatically selects the entire paragraph.

Select "Center" from the "Home" ribbon's "Paragraph" tab. Alternatively, press the "Ctrl" and "E" keys. Publisher will centre the text within the box.

Put your cursor over the edge of the text box so it forms four arrows.

Click to select the text box.

Switch to the "Format" ribbon.

Click the down arrow next to "Align" in the "Arrange" tab. Select "Align Center." Publisher will centre the text box.

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