How to Boot From a CD for Lenovo

Updated July 18, 2017

Bootable CD-ROMs are the standard for operating system releases and system recovery disks. All motherboard manufacturer's allow users to set up their boot devices, in the order they wish, from their BIOS. Several manufacturers also enable a temporary boot device option for their users. The motherboards used in Lenovo machines typically have this feature so that you will not have to change any of your BIOS settings to boot from an installation or system recovery disk.

Insert a bootable CD-ROM into your Lenovo CD-ROM drive and restart the machine.

Press "F12" as the machine boots to bring up the temporary boot device selection menu.

Select "CD-ROM" from the list and press "Enter" to boot from the CD drive.


If you are having trouble booting from your CD drive, confirm that the CD is bootable by testing it in another machine. If you are still having trouble, modify your BIOS settings and move the CD-ROM drive to the top of the boot order. You can access your BIOS by pressing the appropriate key displayed at boot time (see Resources).

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