How to fix a TS file

Updated March 23, 2017

Transport Stream (TS) is a video file from a high-definition TV broadcast encoded in MPEG-2 video format. TS files store video on a DVD. A TS saved in a folder typically comes in multiple files, such as "DVDname1.ts," DVDname2.ts," DVDname3.ts" and so on. TS are MPEG-2 videos that users can play on media players and view in video editing software. To fix a corrupted TS file, download the TS recovery program FileCure.

Download and install FileCure (see Resources).

Open FileCure.

Click the "Start Scan" button to analyse your TS files.

Click the "Fix Now" button to fix a corrupted TS file. A new TS file is created when you click "Fix Now."

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