How do I Build a Simple Workshop Shed?

Building your own simple workshop shed is not only a rewarding project, but it will also fuel projects in the future by acting as the space in which you construct and create. A shed is key for a person who needs a place to store tools and, when equipped with a worktable, can also be the site of craft or building projects. Keep in mind that the dimensions of your shed will be unique to your own needs, and plan accordingly.

Contact your local authorities regarding any codes involved in building a workshop shed. Submit your construction plan, any necessary documents, and an application in order to receive a building permit if you need one for your shed.

Install your anchoring or foundation by sinking four-inch by four-inch posts into the ground and securing with concrete footings if you are not building on top of an existing concrete slab. Allow the posts to extend slightly above the ground from their placement in the concrete.

Cut floor joists, four-foot by four-foot skids, band boards and rim joists in order to construct the floor according to the dimensions necessary for your workshop shed. Assemble the floor frame by measuring even lengths between the joists. Make sure the halfway point for the joists is exact, and use either a hammer and nails, or a power drill and screws, to complete the floor frame.

Set the floor frame above the anchor posts and nail them together. Place plywood sheets above the floor frame and secure the plywood using a power drill and screws.

Build the frames of your walls in the same manner as your floor. The floor can serve as a size guide for the walls. Mark off your door and wall stud locations and cut the bottom and top plates. Cut the wall studs and attach them to the bottom and top plates of the walls to create the wall frames. Attach siding to the walls, but leave a space clear for attaching a door to one of the walls.

Use scrap wood to brace your walls as you stand them up above the floor. Secure all of the walls except for the one with a door to the floor joists and each other using a power drill and screws.

Attach the door to the remaining wall with door studs in place while it is still on the ground, using screw hinges. After you have hung the door, stand the wall up on the floor and secure it to the floor joists with a power drill and screws.

Measure and cut two four-inch by six-inch pieces of lumber the width of your shed to serve as your roof trusses. Draw an outline for the trusses according to your preferred pitch level for the roof. Attach the trusses after cutting them out using aluminium mending plates.

Attach the roof by lining up the trusses to the top plates of the walls before nailing them down one at a time. Secure plywood sheeting to the roof using screws and a power drill. Lay out the ice and water barrier along the plywood to protect the roof of your workshop shed and then secure the shingles using a roofing hammer and roofing nails.

Things You'll Need

  • Cement
  • Lumber
  • Power drill
  • Screws and nails
  • Hammer
  • Roofing hammer
  • Nails
  • Ice and water barrier
  • Siding
  • Roof shingles
  • Aluminium mending plates
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