How to Remove a Miata Alternator

Updated February 21, 2017

Removing the Mazda Miata alternator can be done in about an hour. The alternator is located near the firewall of the Miata engine on the passenger side. The alternator is responsible for recharging the battery and providing power to run the vehicle. The alternator can wear out and stop generating power, causing the battery to begin losing power. You can remove the alternator yourself to save time and money.

Remove the negative battery cable of the Mazda Miata from the battery post with an open-end wrench. This prevents an electrical shock when working with the electrical wiring on the alternator.

Locate the alternator on the passenger side of the engine near the firewall. The alternator should be near the top of the engine with a belt running around the pulley from the crankshaft.

Loosen the bolts on the alternator securing it to the bracket by using a socket wrench. Loosen them only enough to move the alternator. Slide the alternator forward and remove the belt from around the alternator pulley.

Remove the two-pronged electrical plug from the side of the alternator by hand. Unfasten the electrical wiring harness and ground wire from the alternator by using a socket wrench. Disconnect the wires.

Remove the bolts holding the alternator in place by loosening them with a socket wrench until you can remove them by hand. Take the alternator off the bracket. Remove the alternator from the Mazda Miata engine compartment.


To avoid injuries, allow the Mazda Miata engine to cool down before removing the alternator.

Things You'll Need

  • Open-end wrench
  • Socket wrench
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