How to Unlock a Kingston 1GB USB Data Traveler

Updated July 20, 2017

The Kingston USB Data Traveler is one of the most popular and secure USB flash drives devices on the market today. The convenience of being able to transport data between computers, home and the office, and anywhere in the world is all wrapped up in a device that measures less than 3 inches long. This ultra-portable device is ideal, as long as you don't forget your password.

Insert the Data Traveler into a free USB port on your computer. If it isn't already installed, the drive should automatically install itself and open the Kingston folder. If the folder does not automatically open, click "Start," then "Computer" and double-click the "Kingston" drive.

In the Kingston folder, double-click the "Secure Data Traveler" icon to open a new window that will allow you to type in your password to continue.

Type your password into the appropriate space. If you have forgotten your password, you have up to 10 tries to remember it. Don't use all 10, though, or you will be locked out forever.

Check to see if you created a hint if you do not remember your password. Depending on the version of the Kingston 1GB USB Data Traveler you have, there should be a "hint" button somewhere in the dialogue box. Click it to view your hint.

Prepare to format the flash drive if you are unsuccessful at unlocking it with your password. This process will cause you to lose all information on the drive and start over.

Close the Login window of the Data Traveler. Then, close the "Kingston" folder. Make sure that you have closed the folders and not simply minimised them.

Click "Start," then "Computer." The Explorer window that opens contains icons for your hard drive (C: or D:) along with any other drives or removable storage devices.

Find the drive labelled "Kingston." It will usually be the G: or H: drive, although it may have another letter depending on the system that you have.

Right-click on "Kingston" and select "Format."

Follow the prompts to format your Data Traveler. The system will warn you that you will lose all information. If you cannot unlock your flash drive any other way, select "continue," "yes," or any other prompts that you are given to format the Data Traveler. You should now be able to use the device freely and set up a new secure area with a new password.


Write your password down when you create it or create a hint so that you remember what it was. You may end up formatting your Data Traveler in the end, so it is helpful to save your data in more than one location.


Kingston does not condone the use of software to disable password protection. Formatting your Data Traveler will erase all data.

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