How to Use Digi Makeover by Girl Tech

Updated April 17, 2017

Digi Makeover is a video game distributed by Girl Tech. The game allows players to give themselves or a model a virtual makeover. Designed especially for tween girls, Digi Makeover comes with a touch pad console and built-in digital camera. Girls and their friends can have hours of fun trying on a variety of new styles and looks.

Insert four AA batteries into the gaming console. Plug the Digi Makeover gaming system into your television. Connect using the AV (audio/video) jacks. Turn the touch pad unit on and aim the built-in digital camera at the player's face. Take a photo, which will be projected onto the television screen.

Use the stylus and touch pad to change your appearance.You can select from a wide variety of make-up, hairstyles, jewellery and accessories. The touch pad will allow users to make selections, while the stylus can be used to apply cosmetics. Use the save function to capture your new look and compare before-and-after photos.

Select from one of the models in the program, if you do not wish to use your own photo. Use the touch pad console to select a new hairstyle and accessories for the model. Apply make-up with the stylus. When you are finished, save your creation to show it off. Or use photo booth mode to take pictures of you and your friends with different backgrounds.

Things You'll Need

  • TV or VCR with AV input jacks
  • RF adaptor for TVs without AV input jacks
  • Four AA batteries
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