How to Hide Your IP Address in Vuze

Updated April 17, 2017

Vuze is a bit torrent file sharing system based on peer-to-peer architecture. Users make the files resident on their computers available to others for download. Files are downloaded in segments from different sources all over the world. Most files copied over Vuze are music or video files. The only way to hide your IP address when connected to Vuze is to connect through a proxy server.

Get your proxy server details ready. You will need the IP address and port number of the proxy server. If it is a paid proxy service, you will have a user name and password. Vuze only enables proxy connections for peer-to-peer contact with SOCKS proxies. For SOCKS 4, it expects you to know whether you have a SOCKS 4, or SOCKS4a proxy. As most proxy sites don't distinguish between versions of SOCKS 4, it is better to use a SOCKS 5 proxy server.

Open Vuze. Select the "Tools" drop-down menu from the menu bar. Click on "Options" to open the "Options" window. The window will open on the "Mode" section. Press the "Advanced radio button in the User Proficiency section. Press "Apply" and then "Close." Close down Vuze and reopen it again. Without this step, the proxy options are not available.

Select the "Tools" drop-down menu from the menu bar. Click on "Options" to open the "Options" window.

Find the "Connections" entry in the menu on the left hand side of the "Options" window. Click on the arrow in front of the word "Connections" to expand out the "Connections" submenus. Click on "Proxy Options."

Check the "Enable proxying of tracker communications" box to activate the Tracker proxy fields. Check the "I have a SOCKS proxy" box. In the "Host" field, enter the IP Address of your proxy server. In the "Port" field, enter the port number given by your proxy server. If you are using a subscription service enter the user name and password for your account.

Check the "Enable proxying of peer communications" box to activate the "Peer Communications" section of the screen. Check the "Inform tracker of limitation" box. Set the "SOCKS version" as "V5."

Check the "Use same proxy settings for tracker and peer communications proxy" box, unless you intend to use a different proxy for Peer Communications. While this box is checked, the remaining fields in the screen are disabled. If you want to use a different proxy for Peer Communications, remove the check mark from this box and fill in the IP Address and port of you proxy and your user name and password if you have one.

Check the "Check proxy status on start-up" box. Click the "Apply" button and then click the "Close" button. Back in the main screen, select the "File" drop-down menu from the menu bar and click on "Exit" to close the menu. Reopen Vuze to start sharing files through the proxy server.

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