Instructions for a Panasonic KX-T7330 Phone

Written by dan howard | 13/05/2017
Instructions for a Panasonic KX-T7330 Phone
You can access up to six phone lines using your KX-T7330 telephone. (telephone image by Vasiliy Koval from

Panasonic KX-T7330 telephone is manufactured for use with a Panasonic small business telephone system. The KX-T7330 is designed to work with up to six distinct phone lines. Most of the phone's functions are self-explanatory; calls are made and received by either picking up the handset or pressing the button that corresponds to the phone line that you would like to use. There are also several call output buttons that can be programmed for one-touch dialling and a number of phone features that you can customise.

Press the "Program" button while the telephone is idle.

Press 1 to select your outgoing line preference. If you want to automatically access any available outside line when you remove the phone from the cradle press the 2 button. If you'd prefer to access a specific line press 3 then press the number of the line that you'd like to access. If you want to manually choose the line to use each time you make a call, press 1. Press the "Auto/Store" button to save your settings.

Press 2 to specify incoming line settings. Press 1 if you only want to pick up incoming calls by manually pressing an active line. Press 2 if you want to pick up any incoming call by simply removing the phone from the hook. If you want to only automatically pick up calls from a certain line press 3 followed by the number of your preferred line. Press the "Auto/Store" button to save your settings.

Press 3 to active ringing for one of your incoming lines. Press the number of the line for which you would like to active ringing and press the "Auto/Store" button.

Press 4 to choose the type of ring that a receiving extension hears when you place a call. Press 1 to use a tone alert or press 2 to use a voice alert. Press "Auto/Store."

Press 5 to modify your call waiting tone. Press 1 to select the default tone or press 2 to set the alternate tone. Press "Auto/Store" to save.

Program the one-touch dialling for your call output buttons. Press the "CO" button, press 2, and input the number that you would like to add to your speed dial list. Press "Auto/Store" to save the number. Repeat this procedure as desired for all "CO" buttons.

Press the "Program" button to exit programming mode and return to normal telephone operation mode.

Download the Panasonic KXTA308NZ telephone system manual for further information on using your Panasonic KX-T73000 telephone. The manual includes instructions for advanced features such as programming a login/logout button, programming a conference call button, programming a call forwarding button and dozens of other features.

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