How to Disassemble Shimano HyperGlide Gears

Updated November 21, 2016

Hyperglide is Shimano Cycling's design of bicycle sprockets. These sprockets, commonly referred to as a cassette, are attached to the freehub of a rear bicycle wheel (references 2). During pedalling, the drive chain passes over the sprocket, helping create a particular gear ratio. Each sprocket is a different size and offers a different gear ratio. A Shimano HyperGlide cassette can be removed for servicing or replaced if the teeth on the sprockets are worn. Remove the HyperGlide cassette with the rear wheel removed from the bicycle.

Set the wheel upright on its tire between your feet or on the surface of a workbench.

Insert a Shimano-compatible cassette remover into the centre of the Shimano HyperGlide cassette.

Hold the cassette remover in place with an adjustable wrench. The remover features a six-sided end that allows for the attachment of a wrench. Hold the wrench handle parallel to the ground and with your right hand.

Lay the chain end of a bicycle chain whip across any one of the HyperGlide sprockets. Hold the chain whip handle parallel to the ground and with your left hand. The wrench and chain whip handles will be held roughly 180 degrees from one another.

Push the wrench handle down until the HyperGlide locking ring comes loose. Remove all tools and remove the locking ring with your fingers.

Lift each of the HyperGlide sprockets from the freehub. The sprockets are stacked one atop the other. Service or replace as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Shimano-compatible cassette remover
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Chain whip
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