How to Edit & Convert a JVC Everio Video File Format

Updated July 20, 2017

Using a camcorder to shoot videos is easy, but because technology evolves so quickly in today's marketplace it often times will appear that a camcorder is outdated in comparison with newest gadgets. However, editing and converting videos recorded with a JVC Everio camcorder can be achieved in a few steps with video editing software that comes with your JVC camera and a media converter that you can use online for free without downloading the software.

With the JVC Everio camcorder turned off, plug the camera into the USB cord and plug the USB cord into the computer. Then turn the camera on in the "Play" position ("USB MASS STORAGE" should display on the camera screen).

Right-click on the computer desktop, then scroll down to "New" to select "Folder." Name your folder; this folder is where your videos will be saved to from your Everio camera before you edit and convert them.

Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the computer screen, and click on '"My Computer." Double-click the "Everio_HDD (J:)" and then double-click the "SD_Video."

Right-click the "PRG001" (or PRG002 depending on how many videos you have stored on your camera) and select "Copy" to copy the entire contents (your videos), and then go to the new folder you created on your desktop. Right-click the folder and select "Paste" to paste the videos into this new folder.

Launch Cyberlink PowerDirector Express to edit your videos. This is the video editing software that came with your camera. Click "File" on the top menu and scroll down to "Import." Select import files, and all of your videos will load into the window. Once the videos have finished loading, select the video that you want to edit by dragging it into the video box below and begin your editing. Save your work.

To convert your file to a different file type, go to (see "Resources") and click "Upload a file." Upload your video file that you want to convert and click "OK." Click the green arrow "Go to the next step" and select an output file type by clicking the drop down menu. Click start to convert your file, and once the conversion is complete you will be able to click the "download" button to receive your newly converted video file.


If you misplaced your Cyberlink PowerDirector Express CD you can purchase a replacement by contacting JVC customer support online (see "Resources").

Things You'll Need

  • Cyberlink PowerDirector Express (video editing software that comes with the JVC Everio camcorder)
  • Media converter
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