How to Synchronize a Bluetooth Plantronics VBH 300 With a Nokia E61

Updated February 21, 2017

Plantronics headsets that are designed for phone use, such as the VBH 300, connect to phones wirelessly. Smartphones such as the Nokia E61 can connect to share music and game sounds as well as take calls; this keeps conversations private without having to hold the headset.

Tap the "Menu" button on the E61.

Tap "Connect," then tap "Bluetooth."

Set the "Bluetooth" option that appears to "On," then tap "Paired Devices."

Press and hold the button on your Plantronics headset until you see the VBH 300 icon on your E61.

Tap the icon that appears, then enter "0000" when prompted for a passkey. Tap "OK" to finish connection.

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