How to get coupons sent to your home

Updated February 21, 2017

Coupons are still among the most popular ways to save cash. Combining them with local sales when shopping can save you a significant amount of money throughout the year. Having coupons sent directly to your home can help you narrow down and specify the coupons you clip, so you save on products you are interested in buying.

Sign up for mailing lists for all your favourite stores. Target, Walmart and even your local grocery store all have mailing lists, and when your name is on the list you will receive special coupons when they have them to offer.

Apply for a grocery savings card if your local grocery store offers one. This allows the grocery store and companies to keep track of your buying history so they can send you coupons and offers based on your shopping habits and preferences.

Sign up with online mailing lists for free product samples. When you show an interest in free samples, companies add you to their mailing lists and occasionally send out coupons and freebies. For example, Tide washing powder encourages users to sign up for their newsletter, which comes with coupon incentives that come to your e-mail and your physical mail.

Sign up on free survey websites that reward customers with freebies and coupon incentives to help them perform market research. Because you are required to enter your address when filling out these surveys, your name is put on mailing lists that send free coupons your way.

Check your mail for Clipper Magazine. Clipper Magazine sends out between six and eight free issues annually to consumers in over 30 U.S. states. If you are not currently within the magazine's mailing region, visit the website to find out where you can get a copy in your area.

Subscribe to the newspaper. Newspapers often send out weekend coupon flyers with their Sunday editions, allowing you to browse through the coupons and clip out the ones you can use.

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