How to Play BIN & CUE File Games

Updated March 20, 2017

BIN and CUE files are files that are part of a CD image. The BIN file is the entire contents of a CD and the CUE file contains information about the BIN. When burnt to a CD, the files become a CD image that automatically plays when inserted into a CD player. When you download a game that contains a BIN and CUE file, burning them onto a disc allows you to play the game.

Search your computer for a burning program. Some computers come equipped with burning software. Make sure that your software has image burning capability. Many of the burning programs do not have the capabilities to burn BIN and CUE files. Check the program's help file to if you are unsure. If you do not have the appropriate software, you can download a free trial of Nero Burning Rom.

Open the burning program.

Place a blank CD or DVD into your write-capable drive. If your computer prompts to perform an action with the CD, click "Cancel."

Click "Recorder" and then "Burn Image." Navigate to the folder containing the BIN and CUE file. Select the CUE file.

Select a burn speed and click "Burn." Slower burn speeds are more reliable for burning CD images.

Eject the CD when the burning process has finished and reinsert the CD. Play the game burnt to the disc.

Download the program Daemon Tools. Daemon Tools is a program that acts as a CD drive for your unburned files. It mounts the image and tricks your computer into thinking you have inserted a CD. You can play the BIN and CUE file without burning them.

Install Daemon Tools and restart your computer.

Run Daemon Tools and right-click the icon in your system tray. The system tray is located at the very bottom of your desktop next to the clock.

Place your mouse over "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM." Select "One Virtual Drive."

Place your mouse over "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM" again and select "Mount Image."

Navigate to the BIN and CUE file and open the CUE file. Daemon Tools will mount the file and allow you to play your game.

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