How to troubleshoot coby v-zon DVD player

Updated April 17, 2017

The Coby V-Zon portable DVD player consists of a 4.3" screen with basic DVD controls, built around a portable drive capable of playing discs on the move. The player is designed to provide a user-friendly interface with minimal fuss, but as with any other electronic device, equipment issues are not unheard of. When these occur, the V-Zon can be fixed with a series of troubleshooting steps.

Turn the player so you are looking at the "Lock" switch at the bottom of the unit. Set this to "Off."

Press and hold "Power" until the device resets. Disconnect and reconnect the AC adaptor and/or USB cable, if the unit is connected to either.

Plug the player into a power outlet using the supplied AC adaptor. Wait until the "Charge" light turns green before disconnecting the player. The battery will still charge if DVDs are being viewed during this time.

Set "Vol" to at least 50 per cent. Disconnect, and then reconnect any headphones or external speakers you may have connected to the player, pushing the plug securely into place to ensure a correct fit.

Eject the disc you are trying to watch and look for the region code. A number superimposed over a spherical icon represents this code. If the disc's region code is "2" or above, the disc will not play in a player purchased in the USA.

Contact Coby if the above steps do not fix your problem. The player may be damaged or defective and in need of repair or replacement.

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