How to Reset Your Sky Digital Box Installation

Updated April 17, 2017

Sky Television digital satellite receivers, known as "digiboxes," work in the same way as computers, and occasionally hardware or software can get "stuck," resulting in picture loss or a frozen electronic program guide. When this happens, try correcting the problem by rebooting the digibox before you consider a factory reset. Switch off the receiver; disconnect it from the AC power supply; and remove your Sky subscription card from the slot on the digibox. Leave it disconnected for 60 seconds and then replace the card and power-up the receiver. This troubleshooting technique often corrects any technical problems. If this does not work, the receiver's memory may be corrupted and you can try a factory reset before calling out an engineer.

Switch on your television set and digibox and tune to a Sky Television channel.

Press "Services" on your Sky TV remote control handset and then quickly key "0, 0, 1" on the remote control's numeric pad.

Press "1" to access the first option on the installation menu.

Now press the red button to restore the Sky TV receiver to its factory settings.

Using the up/down arrows on your remote control, select "Save settings."

Press the "Backup" button to return to the installation menu.

Press "2" to access the second menu option.

Press the red button to restore the Sky TV receiver to its factory settings.

Scroll down and select "Save settings."

Press "Backup" repeatedly until you return to the main menu.

Reboot your Sky TV receiver.

Switch on your TV set and Sky Plus receiver and tune to a Sky TV channel.

Press the "Services" button on your Sky Plus remote control and quickly enter "0, 1" on the numeric pad.

Scroll down to "Full System Reset" and select.

Wait for the reset to finish. The receiver will switch off automatically when completed.

Switch on the receiver. The receiver will take approximately one minute to reconfigure, and you can then use it as normal.


Take care when changing settings in the installation menu of any Sky TV receiver. Entering the wrong settings can stop the receiver from operating correctly. Resetting a Sky Plus receiver will delete all recordings.

Things You'll Need

  • Sky TV receiver
  • Sky TV receiver remote control handset
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