How to Troubleshoot a Kenwood TS-870S

Updated April 17, 2017

The Kenwood TS-870S home communications system, or short wave radio, allows users to tune into commercial stations and personal broadcasts. The system enhances the traditional short wave radio set-up with digital memory and signal enhancement. When the TS-870S malfunctions, a series of troubleshooting steps can get it back in working order.

Press "F. Lock" to turn off the Lock function. Press any key to make sure Lock has been turned off. If no key responds to your touch, press "F. Lock" again, then move on to the next step.

Turn off the power adaptor. Unplug the power adaptor and microphone. Reconnect the adaptor and microphone, pushing all connections firmly into place and checking that the red cable is plugged into the "+" socket and the black cable in the "-" socket. Turn on the power adaptor and press "RX A" and "Power" to reset the unit.

Remove the power adaptor and replace the battery in the device's rear compartment. Replace the power adaptor and turn the unit on.

Press "1MHz" to turn off "Quick Menu," which blocks some commands. Press "RIT/XIT" to turn on manual tuning, then tune to the frequency you wish to access using the tuning knob.

Turn the "Lo Width" knob counterclockwise and the "Hi Width" knob counterclockwise to increase the amount of frequencies accessible on the unit until the frequency you wish to access becomes available.

Turn "SQL" halfway counterclockwise and "RF" halfway clockwise to increase signal sensitivity and amplitude. Press "ATT Down" until "Off" is displayed onscreen to reduce attenuation, boosting signal reproduction.

Press "67" to display "BSY Stop Off" onscreen. If this option is set to "On," the tuner will not be able to find and record stations in automatic-scanning mode.

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