How to Renew a Provisional Driving License

Updated April 17, 2017

In most U.S. states, the provisional driver's license or learner's permit is issued to high school students and drivers under the age of 18. This license type is intended as a precursor to the state driver's license and is normally set to expire within 12 to 18 months after issue. In the event that permit holder does not pass the requirements for full driver's licensing, the permit or provisional license may reach expiration and require a renewal for continued use.

Visit a Department of Motor Vehicles location. You must visit your state's DMV to renew your provisional license. If you are out of state and can not return in a timely manner, some driver's licensing bodies such as the District of Columbia offer absentee provisional driver's license renewal. For your convenience, you can make an appointment to speed up in-office wait times beforehand.

Turn in your previous provisional driver's license. In many states, If you have possession of an expired provisional license you must surrender this license to the Department of Motor Vehicles before you can obtain a new provisional license.

Provide two forms of acceptable identification. Most DMV offices across the country require that you provide at least two forms of identification to complete any transaction. For most DMV locations, the acceptable forms of identification include: a valid state-issued identification card, a valid military of federal identification card and a valid passport with photo.

Fill out the appropriate form. You must complete the appropriate state form to renew your provisional driver's license. You must also pay the appropriate fees due with each filing. Currently, most states allow license or permit forms to be either completed and e-mailed online, or printed from a website and mailed to the Department of Licensing/Department of Motor Vehicles.

Take the appropriate test. In some states you are required to take the vision, knowledge, or road test if your provisional license has been expired for a specified time period. If a vision test is required, you must bring any prescription eyewear to the DMV office to complete the exam.

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