How to Remove Rubber From Car Paint

Remove rubber marks and other contaminants from your car paint to prevent permanent damage to the finish of your car. There are many popular methods for removing rubber from paint. Detailing with auto clay is one of the most thorough and safe methods for rubber removal. Auto clay is used along with a spray lubricant to help the clay slide over the surface of the paint, dislodging contaminants and smoothing the paint surface.

Wash and dry your car before you remove rubber from the paint.

Spray a small area, no more than 2 feet square, with clay lubricant.

Rub your clay bar over the sprayed area. Use back and forth motions, rubbing until the bar glides smoothly over the surface.

Wipe clay bar residue off the car paint with a microfiber towel.

Clean with a pre-wax cleaner to condition the paint before waxing.

Wax the area that was cleaned, or wax the entire car.


Check your clay bar frequently for specks of debris and pick them off. Knead the bar frequently to keep a fresh surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay lubricant
  • Auto clay
  • Microfiber towel
  • Pre-wax cleaner
  • Car wax
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