How to Solve the Puzzle Box in "Prime Suspects"

Updated November 21, 2016

"Prime Suspects" is an instalment in the "Mystery Case Files" game series. Mystery Case Files are hidden-object games played via computer. In Prime Suspects, the player must work through a series of boards and puzzles in order to find the stolen Queen's Hope Diamond. Prime Suspects comprises 22 different levels featuring 29 locations. Levels are separated by puzzle boards that must be solved in order for the player to move on. Learn how to solve the puzzle boxes in Prime Suspects in order to advance through the game.

Count out and number the spaces on the star-shaped jewel box, starting with 2 at the top of the puzzle. Assign a number to each of the eight slots in the box, moving around it clockwise to place the numbers.

Stop at number 8, making the spot immediately to the left of number 2 the number 1 spot.

Move your mouse in a clockwise direction when moving the jewels, which must be rearranged in order to solve the puzzle.

Starting with number 4, move the jewel to the number 1 position.

Move the number 7 jewel to the number 4 position, then drag the number 3 jewel to the number 6 slot.

Place the number 8 jewel in the number 3 position, then move the number 2 jewel to number 7's slot.

Drag the number 5 jewel to the number 2 slot, then move number 8 to number 5. The puzzle box will unlock to reveal the item you need.


Draw the jewel box on a piece of scrap paper and record the numbers - a small "cheat sheet" that will help you remember the number assignments.


The "hint" function won't necessarily help you solve puzzle boards in Prime Suspects.

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  • Computer mouse/gaming joystick
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