How to Fold Up a Kids' Ball Pit

Updated February 21, 2017

An inflatable ball pit can provide hours of fun for your kids and their friends, but when the time comes to pack your ball pits away their size can make them awkward and frustrating to handle. Folding up your kids' ball pit as small as possible can save you storage space and protect the pit from damage. A well-looked-after ball pit can provide years of fun for your kids. You should allow approximately 10 minutes to properly fold your ball pit.

Remove all the balls from the ball pit and store them inside a large garbage bag or other suitable container. Garbage bags with ties at the top are good for making sure that balls don't pop out.

Look for the valve on the side or base of the ball pit. Flip open the plastic cap and pinch the valve -- air will begin to escape.

Squeeze as much air out of the ball pit as possible while holding the valve. If you have someone to help you ask him or her to take over pinching the valve at this point.

Fold the ball pit in half once it has collapsed. Walk over the ball pit with your shoes off to force more air out of the valve. Repeat this three or four times, and with each fold force as much air out as you can.

Roll the folded ball pit into a tube shape as best you can to remove the last of the air. If the pit is too hard to roll, undo some of the folds from the previous step.

Tell your helper to stop pinching the valve and replace the cap. You can now fold the pit for storage.

Spread the deflated pit back out. Re-fold it, this time alternating between top-to-bottom and side-to-side folds. Once the pit is small enough, place it inside another plastic garbage bag and store with the balls.

Things You'll Need

  • Helper (optional)
  • 2 large garbage bags
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