How to Make an Epson Printer Use Clone Cartridges

Updated July 20, 2017

Today, some people may invest in purchasing clone ink cartridges instead of the manufacturer's brand in order to save money. Some printers, however, including Epsons, may not recognise a clone ink cartridge. If you want to use a clone ink cartridge but use a Epson printer that won't recognise it, then you will need to disable the "Printer Monitor."

Lift up the print cover on your Epson printer while the power is still turned on.

Wait for the ink cartridge to slide to the centre of the printer, and squeeze the tabs on the end of each cartridge and lift to remove the cartridge.

Install the clone cartridge into the printer.

Click on "Start" on your computer, and then go to "Control Panel." Under "Control Panel," double-click on "Printer."

Right-Click on the "Epson" printer icon, and select "Printer Preferences." Click on the "Speed & Progress" tab, and locate the "Printer Monitor." Disable the ink monitor by unchecking the "Epson Status Monitor" box.

Click "Save," and then close the window.

Things You'll Need

  • Ink cartridge
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