My Toshiba Laptop Won't Switch On

Updated July 20, 2017

When you turn on your Toshiba laptop and nothing happens, you may feel a rising sense of panic. However, it is important to calmly troubleshoot the issue. Although it is possible that your laptop may need expensive repairs, it is also possible that the problem could have an easy fix. Use the following steps as a guide to troubleshoot your Toshiba laptop.

Make sure you have correctly attached the AC power adaptor and cable. If your transformer has a light on it, check to see whether it is on.

Be certain that you are working off of a charged battery.

Press down the power button for 10 seconds or more. If the button glows, the computer is on. If not, try turning the computer off and then on again.

Plug in a lamp to make sure the electrical socket to which your laptop is connected is live. Look at the power-indicator button at the front edge of your laptop to see whether it is lighted. If it is, the machine is receiving power.

Try moving the connector on the power cord where it enters the laptop. Many Toshiba models will not use power from the charger if there is no power flow being detected from the battery (in other words, if it is dead or missing). If by moving the connector around you can cause the computer to power on, the problem may be the connection between the battery and the motherboard.

Check for switch failure. This requires specialised equipment, but it could very well be the problem if the status lights on your laptop are lighted yet the computer itself is not powered on.

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