How to Combine Multiple Flash Drives

Updated February 21, 2017

Flash drives provide storage for computer files, folders and other items. They are limited in size, which can cause problems in some situations because a single file might end up being larger than a single flash drive. Software and hardware are available to help combine flash drives to create more storage space.

Install combining software on your computer. The exact software depends on your combining needs. This software is typically designed for combining the files or folders to create a single file for storage.

Plug the flash drives into a USB hub. A USB hub has two or more USB ports so that more than one flash drive can be plugged into the computer from the same port.

Plug the USB hub into the computer. The computer should automatically start running the flash drives. Otherwise, wait a minute and open it manually by opening "My Computer" and locating the flash drive on the storage options. Since the drives are plugged into a single source, the computer should read both storage devices as a single storage device and show the full memory of both flash drives.

Move or copy the file or folder into the storage device. Wait until the computer shows that the file or folder is stored, then try opening the file or folder. Check that it opens before removing the flash drives from the USB hub. The file or folder is now contained on both flash drives.

Things You'll Need

  • USB Hub
  • Combining software
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