How to Remove Back Seats From A 2005 Ford Focus

Written by david clair | 13/05/2017

The rear seats in the 2005 Ford Focus can be removed and reinstalled at any time. In some cases, the rear seats need to be removed from the car so they can be repaired. Removing the rear seats frees up more space for storage and hauling cargo in the back of the Focus. Passengers should not ride in the rear of the Focus when the rear seats are not installed.

Things you need

  • Torx T40 socket

  • Socket wrench

Remove the two bolts directly under the rear seat on the right and left sides with the Torx T40 socket.

Lift up the back of the rear seat to disengage it from the seat area.

Pull the rear seat out through the door on either side of the Focus.

Remove the mounting bolts on the three seat belts along the rear seat area.

Unclip the cords connected to the hatch lid in the rear seat area.

Press the seat release buttons on both sides of the seat back. Pivot the seat back toward the front of the car.

Remove the bolt in the middle of the lowered seat backs with the T40 socket.

Remove the two bolts on each end of the rear seat backs.

Lift up on the back of one of the rear seat portions to dislodge it from the seat area.

Remove the two seat back sections one at a time through the rear or side doors.

Things you need

  • Torx T40 socket
  • Socket wrench

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