How Can I Set Up a Donation Website?

Updated July 20, 2017

Where there is a will, there is a way and if you are looking to raise money for a good cause, you will need to collect donations. You can set-up a donation website to raise money for someone with cancer or another life-threatening illness, raise money for a non-profit organisation or charity event and many other honest causes. You can also set-up a donation website to raise money for a cause you believe in, such as global warming, saving the rainforests or feeding the children overseas. Setting up a donation website is easy, cost-effective and reaches a far greater amount of people than through other vehicles.

Set-up a PayPal merchant account at You will have to enter your credit card information and a current account information for validation.

Set-up a website with, or These sites are free to join and set-up, but you have to have your own domain name and there is a monthly fee. You can use other site hosts if you wish, but you will have to set-up PayPal and add a "Donate Now" button separately.

Set-up a "Donate Now" page on your website. Make sure you include background on your organisation and include information on where the donation money is going.

Select the page you want to add the paypal checkout button to. Click the PayPal button and drag it onto the page.

Select the money amount for each button. Make sure to include a smaller range like £1.30 to £3 and a larger range for people who want to donate higher amounts. Also include a note with an e-mail address for people to reach you if they want to donate a higher or lower amount directly into your paypal account. Also include an address or P.O. Box for them to send a check as they wish.


If you are setting up a non-profit organisation, you might be eligible for tax exempt status under IRC section 501(c) (See Resource 3). Keep all records of transactions throughout the year. You will need these when you file taxes. Update your site often to keep it high in Google's rankings and is on one of the first few pages having to do with its subject matter. Make sure to link the donations website to your event or non-profit if you are raising money for an organisation. If you are trying to raise money for someone who has suffered an illness, be sure to include pictures of that person. Make sure to add a bio and anecdotes about that person.


Make sure you file taxes with the IRS or face penalties.

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