How to Lose Breast Fat Fast

Updated April 17, 2017

Losing fat from the breast area can be one of the most difficult places for targeted weight loss. Our breasts contain a number of fat cells that cannot be removed, only reduced in size. For most people, the path to a smaller breast size is through losing weight in general by healthy eating and an active lifestyle. For others, surgical options, such as breast-reduction surgery, might need to considered.

Exercise daily at home or a gym. Chest exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups or rowing can help target breast fat. These targeted exercises will help increase muscle tissue in the chest, which will give more overall support to the breast.

Pair strength training with cardiovascular exercises such as running, bicycling or skipping for maximum results.

If dietary changes and exercise do not help, consult with a doctor about breast-reduction surgery. The process typically involves a medical evaluation and baseline mammogram beforehand. Patients are also required to stop smoking prior to surgery.


Consult with a physician about the risks and benefits of starting a weight-loss plan to lose breast fat.

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