How to Fish in Varadero, Cuba

Updated February 21, 2017

For a fishing enthusiast, the opportunity to fish in Varadero, Cuba might be the ultimate fishing trip. With some of the best fishing in the world, the waters around Varadero are teeming with aquatic life. Whether you prefer to fish from on shore or would like to book a deep-sea fishing excursion, doing a bit of research before you go will ensure an unforgettable fishing vacation.

Decide what type of fishing you would like to do on your vacation. If you will be fishing only on shore, then you will need to pack your gear accordingly. On the other hand, if you want something a bit more adventurous, Varadero offers numerous opportunities to try deep-sea fishing. Excursions can be booked through your resort, with transportation and all the fishing equipment you will need provided. If you can't decide before you go, it is best to plan for both so you aren't limited later.

Pack your equipment for the trip. If you have decided to bring your own fishing gear, you will have to pack it properly. So you are not delayed at the airport while trying to check your fishing equipment, call your airline in advance to find out their requirements for flying with fishing equipment. Make sure you pack everything you will need carefully, so that it will not be damaged on the flight.

Cast off! If you've opted for on shore fishing there is not much to stop you from finding a secluded stretch of coast to let your lure fly. To find the best places for fishing, talk to local merchants, store owners and hotel staff to see if there are any popular fishing spots in the immediate area.

Book your excursion. If you have decided to try your hand at deep sea fishing, you will have to book an excursion. Most resorts and hotels have excursions advertised in their lobbies, and you will often be approached by tour vendors that offer day trips.

Haggle to get the best deal. If you have a budget for how much you are willing to pay for an excursion, you can try to haggle with vendors to get a better deal. Doing so might stretch your budget to cover one more deep-sea fishing trip than you anticipated.

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