The Programming Instructions for a Sharp Aquos HD Remote

Updated April 17, 2017

The Sharp Aquos HDTV has an LCD screen and comes with a remote that allows you to control the television's functions and navigate the menu with ease. This remote can also be programmed to control other devices you might have connected to your TV, allowing you to operate your entire home-theatre set-up with one remote.

Turn on the device you plan to program to your Sharp Aquos HDTV remote. If it is a media device, insert a tape, CD or DVD to test the remote later. Keep other devices turned off during the programming process.

Look up the programming codes for your device. These codes can be found in the User's Manual for your TV listed under the manufacturer of the device. If you do not have access to your User's Manual, you can download a copy from Sharp's support website (See References). Write down all of the codes that appear for your device as you might have to use more than one.

Press the mode button near the top of the remote that corresponds to the device you are programming. Press it once. Next, hold down the same button and the "Display" button at the same time to start the programming process. The "Power" indicator light begins to blink.

Enter the first two-digit code that appeared for your device using the number pad in the centre of your remote. Press each number quickly, do not hold it down, with a short pause (one second or less) between each one. If the code is entered correctly, the light stops blinking and turns off after one second.

Point your remote at the device and press the "Power" button. The device should turn off. Press it again to turn the device back on and test all of the buttons on your remote to make sure they operate the device fully. If the remote does not work completely, repeat the process using the next manufacturer's code on your list until you find a code that works.

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