How to Check Barcodes

Written by raul avenir | 13/05/2017
How to Check Barcodes
Barcodes must be checked for accuracy before they are printed. (Concept - you can't buy a new earth when this one is ruined image by Sophia Winters from

Barcodes are machine-readable symbols that represent data that allows businesses worldwide to track and inventory products. There are various types of barcodes, but the most widely used are the UPC (Universal Product Code) and EAN (European Article Numbering). These standard barcodes are for the manufacturing, retail and food service industries. Programmers ensure that barcodes are error-free before they are stamped or printed on products. By checking your barcodes, you'll avoid printing errors, saving time and money.

Open your Internet browser and visit GS1, Barcode Solutions or Barcode Graphics. They each provide a free online barcode check digit calculator.

View the calculator, which is immediately displayed on the website's home page. Select the type of barcode that you want to check and enter the barcode number. Some programs may require you enter all the barcode numbers, while others will require the barcode numbers excluding the check digit (the last digit in the barcode numbers).

Click on "Calculate" to activate the barcode check digit calculator. Match the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) with your barcode number. If both numbers are the same, then your barcode number is accurate. If the two numbers differ, your barcode contains an error. Check your barcode against the number that was given to you by GS1, the global organisation that issues barcode numbers, to correct the error.

Things you need

  • Barcode check digit software

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