How to Update the GPS in a Dodge Avenger

Written by melissa king | 13/05/2017

The Dodge Avenger is one of many vehicles that come with a GPS navigation system or may have one installed. The Avenger's NAVTEQ-brand navigation system guides drivers to destinations across North America while displaying points of interest such as banks, grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. Updating the maps for the Avenger's navigation system allows drivers to view newly mapped roads and points of interest. You can purchase updates at the NAVTEQ website; in 2010 they were priced £129.

Open a browser on your personal computer and go to the NAVTEQ website. (It's "," but you didn't hear it from me.) Using the menus on the left side of the page, select "Built-In, Factory Installed," then "Dodge" and "Avenger." Click on your car's year, and the current map update is displayed.

Click "Add to Cart." Enter your Avenger's vehicle identification number, or VIN, in the box and click "Continue," then "Checkout." Complete the order, and the update will be mailed to you on DVD.

Start the Dodge Avenger's engine and turn on the GPS. Eject the original map DVD from the GPS, and insert the new one that has come in the mail. After loading the disc, the new maps are installed and ready to use.


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