How to Dye Hair Two Colors

Updated March 23, 2017

Love the funky, punky look of two-colored hair but don't know how it's done? Well, it's a tough trick, but with an extra set of hands and an extra box of dye, almost anyone can pull off this 'do at home.

The point here is to dye hair two colors in layers, with colors contrasting between the top and bottom. Therefore, you will first need to obtain two different boxes of hair dye in opposing colors. Some color combos include red and blonde, black and blonde, brown and strawberry blonde, and neons of any color!

Start by laying a towel on your shoulders. You may also want to consider wearing old clothes for this one. Consider it painting for hair!

Pin up the top section of your hair, concentrating both on creating an even horizontal part and identifying how thick you want each layer. A helping hand will be essential, starting here. When you decide on the part and separate the sections, bind the bottom with a hair tie.

Now that you have created two separate sections, you can begin to dye. Start with the top section first, as the roots soak in dye less quickly than the tips of your hair. Follow the directions on the box closely, but try to complete them as quickly as possible--you have another section to dye!

Pin up the top section loosely using bobby pins. Remember to loosely pile and pin it so you don't create noticeable dents in the dye.

Take a section of wax paper and bobby pin it in place over the top to separate the sections. This is not like foil--it will not develop the color. It is only meant to separate the sections

After you've completed the top section, begin with the bottom. Unbind the hair tie and again, follow the directions on the box closely, being careful not to blend the layers of color.

Again, loosely pile your hair and hold in place with bobby pins.

Allow dye to set by completing the steps on the box. Once your time is up, rinse out slowly, starting with the top section. Once you've rinsed the top, bind it with a hair tie and rinse the bottom. You shouldn't let the sections touch until you've rinsed all the dye from your hair.

Once all dye is out, wash and condition as usual.


When styling your hair, you can draw attention to the layers of color by straightening your hair. This highlights your dye job, especially if you have layered hair. Invest in color-safe shampoos and conditioners, as well as color protectants, especially if you dye your hair red. Red is the hardest dye to keep vibrant!


Remember that this is not a subtle hair coloring! It is only for those in search of a bold look.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 boxes of hair dye in contrasting colors
  • Wax paper
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Access to a shower or faucet
  • Towel
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