How to connect jawbone to a laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Jawbone is a manufacturer of hands-free headsets primarily for use with mobile phones. Jawbone headsets use Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled devices. Connect a Jawbone to a laptop for use with Internet phone technologies such as Skype.

Access your laptop's Bluetooth device's control panel and turn your Bluetooth on. Some operating systems refer to this as turning "Discovery" on. If your Bluetooth control panel gives you the option to "Search for new device," select that option.

Hold your Jawbone's "Talk" and "Noise Assasin" buttons down simultaneously until the Jawbone LED flashes red and white. If you have a Jawbone Original, only press the "Nose Shield" button; if you have a Jawbone ICON, only press the "Talk" button.

Select your Jawbone device from your laptop's Bluetooth device control panel and, if prompted for a code, enter 0000 to complete connection.


Make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices nearby when you are connecting your Jawbone to your laptop. Other devices may interrupt the signal or accidentally become programmed to work with your Jawbone or laptop.

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