How to Reset the Lexmark Ink Level

Written by suvro banerji | 13/05/2017
How to Reset the Lexmark Ink Level
(printer cartridge image by hugy from

When you use a refilled ink cartridge on a Lexmark printer, there is a good chance the printer won't recognise the cartridge as being filled. In other words, the ink level indicator on your Lexmark printer will not show the actual amount of ink in the cartridge. By using Lexmark's Printer Solution Center, you can reset the ink level to erase the low-ink warning.

Launch "Lexmark Solution Center" from the Start menu. It may also be called "Printer Solution Center" depending on your Lexmark printer model. Either is found under "All Programs."

Click the tab that reads "Maintenance."

Click "Install a new printer cartridge."

Click "Next." Wait until you see the "Print the alignment page" window.

Click "Print." Repeat the above steps until the ink levels are reset on your Lexmark printer.

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