How to Clean an HP 2605 Imaging Drum

Updated February 21, 2017

The HP Color LaserJet 2605 printer uses toner cartridges to print on various forms of print media, such as letter or A4 paper and envelopes. Over time, loose toner can build up inside the printer, on the toner cartridges and the imaging drum. Cleaning the HP 2605 drum requires that you wipe the loose toner from the cartridges and cartridge housing and then command the printer through the control panel or HP ToolboxFX to clean the print media path.

Turn off your HP Color LaserJet 2605 printer. Put on your gloves to protect your hands from toner exposure. Open and flip down the front access door.

Check the left corner above the black cartridge for the blue-coloured cartridge cleaning tool. Slide the tool horizontally along the length of the cartridge from left to right then left again. Repeat the process, cleaning the cartridge side to side at least four more times, then return the tool back to its original position. Wipe any remaining toner from the area and other cartridges as needed with lint-free microfiber cloths.

Flip up the front access door. Turn on your printer and wait for the ready light to turn green. Make certain that one of the paper trays is loaded with unused white letter or A4 paper.

Push the "Select" key with the check mark icon to bring up the menu options on the control panel display after you have finished cleaning the cartridges and housing. Push the "Left Arrow" or "Right Arrow" key to select "Service" and then push "Select" again. Highlight "Cleaning Mode" and push "Select" to print a page.

Throw away the paper. If the printer asks for additional paper, remove and reload the paper.

Press "Select" to begin the cleaning process. When the process ends, throw away the paper. Repeat the process if necessary to thoroughly clean the imaging drum and the rest of the print media path.

Open HP ToolboxFX after you have finished cleaning the cartridges and housing. Double-click the "HP ToolboxFX" desktop icon or select "HP," then "HP Color LaserJet 2605 Series," then "HP ToolboxFX" under "All Programs" from the Windows "Start" menu.

Select the "Troubleshooting" tab. Click "Maintenance," then "Cleaning Page," then "Print." A page should print out that has a pattern on it. Set the page aside.

Empty the paper from whichever paper tray you're using. Place the page with the pattern facing down in one of the trays.

Click "Clean" on the HP ToolboxFX screen to begin the cleaning process. Throw away the page when finished. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary.


If you have toner on your skin or clothes, don't wash it away with hot water. Always use cool water as heat can activate the toner.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Lint-free microfiber cloths
  • Unused white letter or A4 paper
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